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K0.0006971 Cforce Set for ALEXA Mini

Basic lens control kit for ALEXA Mini. WCU-4 can be used to control up to 3 cforce lens motors and the operational parameters of the camera. (requires ALEXA Remote License for WCU-4) Includes: K2.72103.0 1x Wireless Compact Unit WCU-4 K2.72133.0 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 12" for WCU-4 K2.72136.0 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 3'6 for WCU-4 K2.72129.0 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 0.25m for WCU-4 K2.72132.0 1x Pre-Marked Focus Ring 1.00m for WCU-4 K2.72117.0 1x Plain White Focus Ring for WCU-4 or SXU-1 K2.0006501 1x WCU-4 Plate K2.47851.0 3x NP-FM500H Battery (Sony) K2.0002065 1x BC-QM1 Battery Charger (Sony) K2.0006355 1x cforce mini (Basic Set) K2.0006750 2x Cable LBUS 0.3m/1ft K2.72146.0 1x Carrying Case for WCU-4 and Accessories Note: ALEXA Remote License for WCU-4 can be purchased from the ARRI License Shop at https://alshop.arri.de/
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