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K4.72574.0 XR Module Upgrade Set

An upgrade for ALEXA Classic cameras (ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA M and ALEXA Studio) that replaces the SxS module on the camera left side. The XR Module allows in-camera ARRIRAW (up to 16:9 120 fps or 4:3 Cropped 96 fps), ProRes (up to ProRes 4444 16:9/HD 120 fps or 4:3/2K 48 fps) or DNxHD (up to DNxHD 444 16:9/HD 96 fps) recording onto XR Capture Drives. With the SxS Adapter it is possible to record ProRes or DNxHD onto SxS PRO or SxS PRO+ cards. With the Cfast 2.0 Adapter it is possible to record ProRes or DNxHD onto Cfast 2.0 cards. Includes: - ACOM2 board (new compression electronics board) - XR Module (new side cover with media slot) - Upgrade labor Note 1: XR Capture Drives, SxS Adapter, SxS PRO cards, SxS PRO+ cards, CFast 2.0 Adapter, CFast 2.0 cards, docks or the XR Module Top Cover Set are not included and can be ordered separately. Note 2: Upgrade can be performed by any ARRI Digital Camera Service Center. Please contact ARRI service to purchase this article and schedule an update appointment.


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