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K4.72268.0 ALEXA Plus EVF-1 Eyepiece

An eyepiece that is sturdier and has a stiffer diopter adjustment than the original ALEXA eyepiece. All ALEXA Plus and ALEXA Plus 4:3 cameras come with this improved eyepiece. Regular ALEXA cameras also have been shipping with the new eyepiece from March 2011 on. Updating the eyepiece can be performed at any ARRI service center, unless the viewfinder serial number is lower than 2122. In that case the upgrade has to be done at ARRI service in Munich. Please call ARRI service to schedule an update appointment. Price is net price so discounts do not aply. Price does not include labor. Note: not part of an ALEXA Plus Upgrade (K2.72027.0).



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