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ALEXA Mini SUP 5.0

ALEXA Mini SUP 5.0

ALEXA Mini SUP 5.0

ALEXA Mini SUP 5.0


 ARRI announces the release of Software Update Packet (SUP) 5.0 for ALEXA Mini. 

SUP 5.0 includes many new features and functions, improvements and bug fixes; we strongly recommend that customers install this free-of-charge update at their earliest convenience. 

You will find it for download at http://www.arri.com/camera/alexa_mini/downloads/.

Here is an overview on the new features & changes introduced with SUP 5.0:

  • ARRI Look Library
    An extensive collection of 87 high quality looks: www.arri.com/looklibrary/
    An iOS app is available for look selection and preview at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/arri-look-library/id1225206534?mt=8
  • Look files for HDR workflows
    2 pre-installed look files for PQ and HLG monitoring
  • EXT Sync
    Sensor and settings synchronization of up to 16 ALEXA Mini cameras for VFX plates, VR rigs and other multi-camera applications
  • ARRI Master Grips support
    3-axis control of ENG lenses (with AMIRA PL mount), focus and iris control of EF mount lenses, Master Grips specific user buttons
  • 1.3x anamorphic desqueeze in preview
    Support for 1.3x anamorphic lenses
  • Multicam features
    Various improvements based on user feedback
  • Camera Access Protocol (CAP)
    Control of look parameters through an IP based API
  • WCU-4 enhancements
    Wireless transfer of lens files to camera, playback control and loading of in-camera user setups
  • ECS improvements
    LBUS device update via camera, auto detection of motor gear teeth count, option to deactivate the lens mount
  • Improved timecode handling
    Addition of jam sync mode and free run timecode recovery after shooting off-speed
  • Extended support for EF lenses
    Support for a wider set of EF lenses, focus and iris control, support of built-in image stabilizers
  • Advanced user setup handling
    Store multiple user setups in camera with parameter blocks
  • WiFi infrastructure mode
    Connect the camera to a production network
  • Monitoring and display improvements
    ARRI Look Files V2 to support Rec 2020 color space, Dual 422 3G UHD, Dual 422 6G UHD, Level A/B support for 3G, Playback and user setup control for Starlite HD5-ARRI, Playback shuttle speed up to 512x
  • Miscellaneous improvements
    Simplified Chinese UI, electronic horizon overlay for EVF and SDI, UDM-1 overlay for EVF and SDI, frame grabs while recording or playback, option to switch off OLED of MVF-1, user buttons for list based settings



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