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Wireless control upgrade

Wireless control upgrade

Wireless control upgrade

Wireless control upgrade


The EMIP300 is a new white-coded radio module used for wireless communication between ARRI’s wireless handsets and cameras/motor controllers. It includes the latest generation chipset and ships with all current wireless handsets and motor controllers (WCU-4, UMC-4, SXU-1, SMC-1, EMC-1, AMC-1), with the exception of the Wireless Zoom Extension WZE-3 (for technical reasons). All ALEXA Mini and ALEXA SXT cameras do include the EMIP300 radio module as well.

All products of the current Electronic Control System (ECS) line-up (except WZE-3) that include the previous generation white-coded radio module EMIP100 can be upgraded with the EMIP300 Upgrade Kit (K3.0007292) mentioned below. All WCU-4 devices including the previous generation white-coded CEL radio module/antenna can be upgraded with the EMIP300/Antenna Upgrade Kit for WCU-4 (K2.0000882) mentioned below. To find out which radio module is built in your device, please check transceiver ID for the installed radio module labeled on the back of the device.

New Features

Devices including EMIP300 provide a region setting function. This allows setting the highest possible radio output power within the legal limits determined by local regulations. Note that it might not be legal to operate a device in a country/region other than the country/region set in the device.

Furthermore, be informed that all ARRI white radio wireless networks are working in master/client mode. The motor controller is functioning as the master device while the handsets are functioning as clients. In case that both handset and motor controller contain the EMIP300 radio module, the handset will automatically adapt the region setting of the master device (motor controller). If the master device contains the previous-generation EMIP100 radio module, then the handset will keep its individual region setting. Check the system info page of the handset to find out the current region setting.


The EMIP300 radio module is compatible with all white-coded radio devices, including the ones with the previous generation radio chipsets (EMIP100/CEL). However, we strongly recommend upgrading to the EMIP300 module.

Product Name, Order Number, List Price and Description

EMIP300 Upgrade Kit (without antenna) K3.0007292            270 €

EMIP300 Upgrade Kit for WCU-4, SXU-1, UMC-4, SMC-1, EMC-1 and AMC-1. Includes EMIP300 radio module, transceiver ID label, original packaging.

EMIP300/Antenna Upgrade Kit for WCU-4 K2.0000882        280 €

EMIP300 Upgrade Kit for WCU-4. Includes EMIP300 radio module, transceiver ID label, WCU-4 antenna, installation manual, original packaging.

List prices do not include service charges.

The EMIP300 upgrade kits can be purchased through worldwide ARRI Service Centers only.


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