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K2.72118.0 ALEXA Fiber Remote Option

Апгрейд камер ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA XT или ALEXA XT Plus.
При помощи Fiber Remote Option, камера ALEXA может коммутироваться через SMPTE 311M fiber connection и использоваться в телевизионной студийной съемке с ипользованием соответсвующего функционала:
live painting operation, interconnecting with a studio switcher and a remote control panel, TV conform signal parameter adjustments with the standard (Telecast) Remote Control Panel, return video signal, Teleprompter signal, intercom connection, sync option to lock to the phasing of the studio clock (like Genlock), option to use 2/3” B4 mount lenses (with IB/E adapter, instead of PL 35mm lenses), parallel operation of fiber remote transmission and SxS recording,

Легкое переключение между стандартным режимом каммеры и режимом Fiber Remote (Live Painting).
- Fiber Remote Box
- Monitor mount
- Cables
- Life Painting software license
Note: A Telecast Copperhead system and camera monitor (for typical pedestal use) are required but not included.



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